African Achievers Awards

Call for Grant Proposals:

Empowering Public Health Advocacy Initiatives

We are excited to announce the opening of our grant application process for researchers/ public health advocacy initiatives. At AAA, we recognize the importance of grassroots efforts that drive awareness, education, and action towards improving public health outcomes.

About the Grant:
Our grant aims to provide financial support and resources to individuals, groups, and organizations committed to making a positive impact in the field of public health advocacy with $1,000. We believe that real change starts at the community level, and we are dedicated to fostering initiatives that address pressing health issues, promote preventive measures, and drive equitable access to healthcare.

Eligibility Criteria:

Application Process:

Key Dates

We Are Confident of What The Future Holds

We believe that your passion, combined with our support, can lead to transformative change in public health. Together, we can create healthier communities and inspire a broader understanding of the importance of preventive healthcare measures. If you have any questions or require further information, please contact our grants team at

Join us in the journey to advocate for a healthier world. Together, we can turn ideas into actions that impact lives.